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Online Forex & CFD Trading with FXOpen UK: A True ECN Forex Broker

The FXOpen company operates in Australia, Saint Kitts and Nevis, United Kingdom and Cyprus and has representatives in a number of other countries. And the last is a market order, and if the order is not executed even if you click on the open position of the ECN account, the price will not move for a while. This allows you to change your order without changing the price.

  • This means that with DMA, traders can see the actual market depth and have greater transparency in pricing.
  • But I am willing to deliver some opinions to select among them.
  • Why would I need to open an ECN if I can’t use it properly?
  • Thus, it can be said that the DD broker has its own created market.
  • This law requires forex brokers to register with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and the National Futures Association (NFA), which can be a long and expensive process.

NDD brokers do not have an internal trading desk, so traders’ orders are executed directly through the liquidity network with prices sourced directly from external liquidity providers. Hi, FXOpen is a Cypriot brokerage and Forex Brokerage company that provides access to trading and investment solutions through a regulated environment and fairly competitive conditions. The broker has demonstrated its professional approach to investors, traders, and institutions by providing an ECN order processing model based on price feeds from the largest providers. Of course, there are no problems with scalping, but in the medium term, it is quite normal… Trading on FXOpen is made easier because traders can add insight into trading by entering contests. FXOpen Broker offers weekly and monthly trading contests on demo accounts through the site.

MetaTrader 4

This means that with DMA, traders can see the actual market depth and have greater transparency in pricing. I am curious about how DMA affects order execution speed and slippage, as well as the potential advantages and disadvantages compared to ECN brokers without DMA. I just read an interesting xcritical scam article about FXOpen and I was surprised to learn about the advanced features they offer, specifically related to DMA and ECN. I always thought that DMA and ECN were different models of execution, but the article mentioned that ECN brokers can actually use the DMA model as well.

So don’t be surprised if some events that will happen in the live account will not happen in the demo account. This is why, after defining your strategy, it is important to test it in the real market after testing it back with a demo account. FXOpen stands out as the pioneering broker that introduced a genuine MT ECN trading platform. This platform is connected to a vast retail Forex liquidity pool, comprising numerous leading banks and liquidity providers. Consequently, FXOpen’s MT ECN creates a highly liquid and competitive marketplace for traders. What are brokers’ exact purpose in wanting so many trader ID details?

Choose your trading platform

Over the years, FXOpen has grown into one of the most well-respected brokers that specialize in forex and CFD trading. The FCA-regulated broker offers up to 70 tradable currency pairs with competitive spreads and low minimum deposits. Users can choose between a live and demo account, and trade with various different strategies. There are several trading platforms available, including MetaTrader 4 and 5 for Windows, iOS, and Android devices. So in my opinion and many traders may agree, for a beginner trader, a simpler account type like a micro or standard account might be a better choice.


This adjustment accommodates traders of all levels and preferences. Execution is fast, spreads are tight and overall it is my favorite broker. I feel that the author’s delivery in this article is quite easy and not complicated to read and understand.


Thus, traders can replicate the results of professional traders’ strategies. Please, note, that for STP and Micro accounts you need a different modification of MT4. Make sure you download the correct version of MT4, that is suitable for your trading account. They use fancy encryption technology to keep your info safe from any nosy hackers. Now, you’re wondering if FXOpen is a safe option for your trading and funds, right?

One of the main benefits of ECN trading is the ability to access deep liquidity pools and trade with tight spreads. This enables traders to execute trades at the best available prices, which can lead to improved trading results. As mentioned above, the main difference is that you use imitated funds when working with a demo account. Therefore, you should be prepared to overcome the psychological barrier when you move to a real account because
trading in the Forex market involves the risk of losing some or all of your deposit. Once the process has been successfully completed, you will see the registration data for
your new trading account. To be able to start trading on a live account, please add funds to your trading
account via any available payment systems in My FXOpen and install trading platform or use Web Trader.

Additionally, users can conveniently withdraw funds via credit card or bank transfer, further expanding the withdrawal and deposit options offered by the company. But unfortunately, I have searched and found that the broker is only registered with CySEC (Cyprus), FCA (UK), and ASIC (Australia), but not regulated in the US. Maybe US citizens can trade using FXOpen, but that’s too risky because automatically your account doesn’t have good security. A passionate trader and educator in forex trading, he loves to research and writes about forex. Supply and demand zones analysis is one of his dependable tools in scaling the market. The details for both your main and demo account will be displayed on the screen and also sent to your email.

Futhermore, what about the type of account that offers a Dealing Desk, is that not good? What is the function of an account that does not offer a Dealing Desk and one that has a Dealing Desk? Please explain, to be honest I’m a bit confused, because this term was quite rare for me before. In terms of order execution speed, DMA typically means quicker trades as it cuts out intermediaries, resulting in relatively lower slippage.

So, if you don’t have a passport, you can check if FXOpen accepts other documents like a national ID card or a driver’s license. These are pretty common and usually do the trick when it comes to official identification. They’ve got your photo, personal deets, and can serve as valid proof. Once you know your problem, you can re-upload your document and make sure it’s readable, valid, and matched. But if you find that all documents are readable, valid and match, try uploading again, but if still not successful, try contacting customer service. Additionally, you can enter the agent’s account number if you have one.

We don’t make money on client losses, so there’s no conflict of interest. Let FXOpen provide insightful analysis and useful information to help inform your trading decisions. We are a true ECN/STP broker, so there’s no conflict of interest. You can confidently trade with us knowing we have your best interests at heart.

Thanks to constant data update, Follower account holders can observe the growth of PAMM account gain in real-time. It is worth mentioning that you can use your social media accounts to register instead of email. Simply choose the social media logo and connect your social account to log in to the Client Portal. You will get an email notification stating that your social account has been successfully connected to your FXOpen account.

In addition, novice traders may not need the advanced features and direct market access offered by an ECN account until they gain more experience in the forex market. Yes, there is a difference, but the difference is very small. For UK and EU (European Union) traders, you need to make a minimum deposit of 300 USD with a trading position of at least 0.01 lot. For AU traders, the minimum deposit is $200, but if you choose an ECN account, you will not be able to use scalping and Expert Advisors. The STP account allows a minimum deposit of 10$, scalping and expert advisors. On the other hand, crypto accounts are only allowed for international traders.

Once your account has been approved, you can then make a deposit using one of the many methods available. Based on our research, we found that FXOpen offers an easy-to-use platform with all the tools and resources you need to trade successfully. To get a better xcritical rezension understanding of how ECN trading works, you can use a demo account provided by a broker that offers ECN trading. The demo account will allow you to test the ECN platform and practice trading in a simulated environment without risking any real money.

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